LA Co. Sheriff's COPSWEST Police Vehicle Test Day 

Thursday, October 18, 2012
Location: CSAA Auto Club Speedway, Fontana
Test Time Hours: 9:00am - 3:00pm

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The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department first implemented its police vehicle testing program in 1974. Since that time, our Department has become nationally recognized as a major source of information relative to police vehicles and their use. It is our goal to provide law enforcement agencies with the information they require to successfully evaluate those vehicles currently being offered for police service.

This years Police Package, high speed test will include vehicles from three major vehicle manufacturers, Chrysler, General Motors, and the Ford Motor Company.

Chrysler will be testing five vehicles;

Ford Motor Company will be testing seven vehicles;

General Motors will be testing eight vehicles;

In addition to the police vehicles, the police bikes being tested this year include:

Since the inception of our vehicle testing program in 1974, we have continually refined our efforts in this area in order to provide the law enforcement community with the most current information available. During the 1997 model year testing, the Sheriff’s Department expanded it’s existing test criteria to include an urban or "city street" pursuit course. This course consists of multiple city block distances punctuated by the various types of turns normally found in most inner city environments. The "city street" course is designed to simulate the conditions encountered by most officers working in typical urban communities. This test is only conducted on vehicles offered with a factory "Police Package."

Our testing process is designed to address the law enforcement officer’s operational requirements in terms of vehicle performance, vehicle safety, and comfort. The fleet maintenance interest is addressed by performing an extensive mechanical evaluation on each vehicle submitted for certification.

Each test is designed and executed to simulate actual field use conditions as closely as possible. The vehicles being tested are driven on city streets and freeways, as well as the performance track, by law enforcement personnel. The maneuvers duplicated during the electronic test procedures are those encountered in actual patrol and emergency operations which the law enforcement officer may encounter in the field.

The brake testing performed during our test is considered by many, to be the toughest brakes test performed on Police Package vehicles. Immediately after the vehicle finishes our 32 lap high speed test, it undergoes the brake test. No cooling down period is allowed.

The Sheriff’s Department conducts our vehicle testing program in order to accomplish two primary goals. To provide law enforcement agencies with the data necessary to assist them in the vehicle selection process, and to provide the various vehicle manufacturers with the input necessary to better meet the needs of law enforcement.

This years test will be conducted on October 18, 2012, immediately following COPSWEST. We look forward to seeing you there.