Week of February 23, 2015 
by Shaun Rundle, Government Affairs and Public Safety Specialist 
Legislators at the State Capitol have been quick to introduce bills that have a direct impact on law enforcement. Many of these pieces of legislation, such as bills for body cameras (AB 65, AB 66, and AB 69), and independent review of officer involved shootings (AB 86) have been introduced in response to the growing public desire for peace officer accountability. With that said, I encourage CPOA members to express your concerns by considering joining CPOA’s Law & Legislation Committee.


The Law & Legislation Committee was established for the purpose of promoting professional law enforcement in the State of California, and in the ordinary course of conducting its affairs, CPOA is non-partisan. Recognizing, however, that the peace officer profession and issues affecting public safety for the citizens of California are impacted by certain political offices and processes, CPOA through its Law and Legislative Committee and its Board of Directors, engages in legislation and state ballot initiatives that will have an impact on California law enforcement issues. The committee may only be comprised of CPOA members.

Often, CPOA is approached by legislators to support, and sometimes be listed as a sponsor on their legislation. The Law & Legislation Committee reviews all requests for sponsored legislation and will approve all sponsored and proposed legislation for a position. Once a simple majority of CPOA’s Executive Committee approves the Law & Legislation Committees recommended position on a bill (support, oppose, watch, etc.), then CPOA responds back to legislative offices with our official position. 


Earlier this month, Deputy Chief Ken Bernard of the Sacramento Police Department took over as Chairman of the Law & Legislation Committee for 2015 from outgoing chair Mitch McCann, Chief of Police of Simi Valley Police Department in Ventura County.  


Due to the fact that committee membership spreads across California, CPOA makes an effort to provide in-person meetings as well as regular conference calls to review a list of bills presented by CPOA staff and consider a position to present to the CPOA Executive Committee. 

If you are interested in the legislation effecting your operations, and would like more information on the committee, please contact Shaun Rundle, CPOA Government Affairs & Public Safety Specialist at or 916-520-2248.

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